Demand continues to grow for responsible investing options

Over the past two decades, the industry has grown to over $8.7 trillion dollars in assets. From millennials to retirees, interest is very high. According to a Morgan Stanley research report, 75% of individual investors and 86% of millennial investors are either somewhat or very interested. Also in that report, 71% of investors agreed that leading social, environmental and governance practices can potentially lead to higher profitability and may be better long-term investments.

 Source: US SIF Foundation

Source: US SIF Foundation

 Source: Morgan Stanley Sustainable Signals Whitepaper

Source: Morgan Stanley Sustainable Signals Whitepaper



The Forum for Sustainable & Responsible Investing, US SIF, is the responsible investing industry's trade group. They are the "go-to" resource for information and produce a number of reports and programs for both advisors and clients. The organization produces a biennial report on the state of the responsible investing industry. The 2016 Trends Report is here.

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