We use traditional fundamental analysis as a basis for our portfolios, combined with our own proprietary asset allocation analytical models and enhanced socially and environmentally responsible due diligence to create impactful, risk-aware portfolios for you.


Fundamental Analysis

Proven analytics

Our portfolios are grounded in solid fundamental economic analysis. We look at price/earnings ratios, debt levels, growth and other important metrics just like any "traditional" asset manager does. But, because we only invest with our values, we also incorporate enhanced socially and environmentally responsible due diligence.


Asset Allocation

Creating diversified, risk-smart portfolios

We created our own asset allocation analytical model because we wanted to offer enhanced value to our clients. The model incorporates both forward-looking demand and historic volatility metrics. It is complimented by research from two of the top asset management firms in the world.



Align your investments with your values ®

We believe that the risk is too great to own fossil fuel extraction, processing or transportation companies because of issues such as stranded assets, extreme volatility in the petroleum markets and government regulation. More importantly, we do not want to own companies that, as journalist Bill McKibben says "are willing to alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere in order to make more money." We believe in doing the right thing!



Enhanced Due Diligence

Responsible investing includes the screening of portfolios based on :

  • Environmental track record & sustainability
  • Corporate governance, business ethics & transparency
  • Product safety
  • Fair & safe workplace
  • International human rights
  • Community involvement


What do we Want to own

Excluding fossil fuels from our portfolios frees up capital to support companies that make a positive difference in the world. Our portfolios typically include:

  • Alternative energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water technology
  • Natural & organic products and services
  • Green real estate
  • Technology, big data & internet of things
  • Green finance
  • Community investments


Actively managed portfolios

We believe there is power in active management - especially as we work to shift the paradigm from an old economy model to a new economy model. The ability to make investments in positive opportunities as they arise gives us an advantage over passive strategies.

Questions? Ready to Invest?

We're here to help! As thought leaders and specialists in responsible investing, we're here to answer all of your questions.